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Title: GV: Unable to access a Google product
Post by: transam98 on July 08, 2017, 07:02:51 pm
So Ive got TWO tickets for sale on CL to a concert...
I had a SCAMMER TEXT Me (to my GV # that ive had almost 2 yrs)..1st text was"STILL AVAILABLE" I said yes.

This AM I get a 2nd text....from the scammer " blah blah ill send you more than the tixs are worth"
I Replied F*** YOU....

about 5 mins later SOME how my GV # looks suspended.

I never robo or SPAM using my GV, I dont get more than maybe 20 texts a day (mostly twitter incoming etc...)

My GV Line doesnt work on my obi IN OR OUT...

at the bottom Ive done the CONTACT US.

Im sure my GOOGLE Account has NOT BEEN COMPROMISED as i havent gotten any weird attempted log in attempts... etc..

Could it have been because I replied BACK to the SCAMMER via GV ? Has anyone seen or had this ?
below is a screen shot..

Like I said incoming texts still work, but NOT outgoing and no IN/OUT GV Calls...
(not that it should matter but im on a obi 508 and my OTHER Lines that are on the obi 508 all work.
no config changes on anything at all (router or obi changes period...)