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Title: Changing ring pattern
Post by: wmcbrine on August 04, 2017, 09:47:58 am
Hi all,

I just got an Obi200. I set it up with Google Voice, and everything worked great. I added Callcentric for CNAM and 911, set it up on SP2, and forwarded GV calls there. Everything still worked great. BUT, I noticed that I got a different ring pattern on incoming calls... and I preferred the original one (GV on SP1). How can I get it back?

Here's what I already tried: I went into the Expert config, and saw that X_RingProfile was set to A for SP1, and B for SP2. (They both had X_DefaultRing at 1.) So I changed it to A for SP2, and that changed the ring pattern, but not to the original.

Title: Re: Changing ring pattern
Post by: Microbrain on December 06, 2017, 11:28:35 am
Hello wmcbrine:

Did you get a solution to this issue?  Can anyone else chime in here to provide guidance?

I have a similar setup to wmcbrine, and am trying to get Ring Pattern to be the same on both SP1 and SP2.

Unfortunately it seems to require use of "Obitalk Expert", to avoid having the Obitalk provisioning override the "A" and "B" settings on the ring patterns in the unit itself. 

I am a fairly technical user but this seems quite initial attempt at "Obitalk Expert" mode to set all of the Ring parameters to the "A" values seemed to disable some of the important provisioning setting from Obitalk (standard).  Thus my phone would no longer ring, and I ended up going back to Obitalk automated provisioning (without the desired change to the original ring).

Can someone provide the steps to switch the Ring Pattern values to "A" for both SP1 and SP2, and if this requires "Obitalk Expert" explain what else needs to be done to fully enable the Google Voice and CallCentric services to work on the Obi as otherwise provisioned?

Thank you in advance!


Title: Re: Changing ring pattern
Post by: drgeoff on December 06, 2017, 12:35:12 pm

Please do not post the same question more than one time or in more than one part of the forum.

Title: Re: Changing ring pattern
Post by: Microbrain on December 06, 2017, 03:16:28 pm
sorry!  After the initial post I realized that it was on an old thread, and probably in the wrong place.  Won't do it again.