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Title: Google Project Fi problem
Post by: SWKerr on September 20, 2017, 11:42:54 am
I have a Project Fi cell phone that I have had connected to the Obi202 for quite awhile.  A few weeks ago I noticed it would ring my attached phone but would not pickup.  I attempted to resolve the issue this week but can not get the Obi202 to work with the Project Fi number.

I updated the Firmware on the Obi202 and delete the SP* Google accounts and removed the device completely and reset it.  I can add the Project Fi account back to the Obi202 but cannot make or receive calls from it.  The Obi202 dashboard does not show any issue and registers connected.  I attempted to add a second Project Fi account with the same general result except that account will ring but not pickup.

I have a normal Google Voice account that I also setup and it appears to work perfectly.
I can answer calls from the Project Fi account on my PC using the Chrome Hangouts app just fine.

Do Project Fi accounts still work with the Obi202?
Are there any known setting or issues that I should check?

Title: Re: Google Project Fi problem
Post by: SteveInWA on September 22, 2017, 02:08:33 pm
Hi:  Project Fi is not compatible with OBi devices.  It might work briefly, and then quit, but it is completely unsupported. (