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Title: FAX on obi200 sp2
Post by: forum on October 29, 2017, 01:14:42 pm
I have my main phone  on SP1 with Phonepower. 
I just added a GV line for faxing.
It looks like both are working for both normal incoming and outgoing calls.
However, when I call the SP1 from my registered softphone, it answers with a fax tone. However, the sp1 phone does actually ring.  This does not happen when calling in from any other phone.

obitalk says SP1 is registered, and SP2 is connected?

Why am I getting the fax tone from my  softphone?
What can I do to fix the issue?
Why is one registered, and the other connected?

Thanks in advance,


Title: Re: FAX on obi200 sp2
Post by: drgeoff on October 29, 2017, 09:13:27 pm
1.  'Registered' for SIP and 'Connected' for GV is normal.

2.  Check the SP1 X_InboundCallRoute.  It should be ph.  Dial ***1 and the OBi's IP address will be read out to you.  Put that into a browser's address bar and login with user admin and password, if you have not changed it, admin. On the left hand side click on Voice Services, then SP1 Service.  The X_InboundCallRoute is about the 5th line in the top section.