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Title: Two Countries: Two Obis? Google Voice Needed?
Post by: kwanbis on January 25, 2018, 12:07:16 pm
Me and my father live in south america, but in two different countries.

I want to setup a VoIP (OBi) phone so that he can pick up his "classic land line phone" and call me, and I would get the call in my Android or iPhone.

I also want to be able to call him using my Android and iPhone, and he to receive the call on his "classic land line phone".

I don't need a classic land line phone, but he does as he is computer iliterate.

Do we need TWO OBi200 or can we do with just one? Is it possible for me to call and pick up calls from my cellphone? Can we avoid Google Voice? If we MUST use Google Voice, does it works in south america? Can we use skype accounts instead?