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Title: Totally lost at this point in signup for Google Voice...SOLVED :-)
Post by: DSMDenny on March 12, 2018, 12:23:54 am
I'm a computer person, but not familiar with VOIP and especially not GV. My goal is to have the GV phone number to make and receive calls and NOT tie it to any other phone number. I don't have a land line at all and I don't want to use my pay-per-minute cell phone number for the VOIP calls.

I thought VOIP took the place of any other phone lines, either cell or land line. While signing up for GV, it asks for what I think is the phone number than people will call to get me on my VOIP phone. I think it is saying that I am required to have the VOIP phone forwarded from some other number, either an active cell or active land line. I tried to enter the number I chose in GV, but it insists that I use a cell or land line number.

That seems to stop the goal of cutting out the cell and the land line. As you can see, I'm totally lost. Tried to search for similar posts here, but I don't even know what to search for. Tried reading some posts, but none seem to want to cancel all their cell and land line and only use GV. Watched several tutorals also, but they didn't address this.

Help, please.

Title: Re: Totally lost at this point in signup for Google Voice
Post by: drgeoff on March 12, 2018, 02:05:14 am
What you want is possible.  GV can use your OBi device (which acts as a Google Chat client) as the only device it rings when people call your number.  Although GV can forward incoming calls to up to 6 destinations it is not a requirement to have at least one real phone number for that.

However, as part of the signup process you do need to specify a US number which Google will call and read out to you a verification code to enter on a web page.  That number can be one of your subsequent up to 6 destinations but does not need to be.

People will call your GV number - not the above mentioned verification call number.  Your GV number is either a new number from GV that you have some choice over during the GV signup process or a number that you already have and wish to port to GV.

Have you looked at the pages starting at ?

If still in trouble, post a screenshot of the problem page.  Redact any personal info such as phone number or email address on it.

Title: Re: Totally lost at this point in signup for Google Voice....solved :-)
Post by: DSMDenny on March 12, 2018, 01:46:09 pm
Thank you, drgeoff.

I had viewed that link before I posted this, but it didn't help me to understand. When you said that I did not have to use that "verification phone call number" it gave me the confidence to try that. Once I did the verification process, I went in to the GV settings and unchecked the box so that a GV call would not ring on that verification phone. After testing that theory, it seems to be exactly what I wanted.

I can make calls from the Obi phone, no problem. I can received calls and it does not ring on the verification phone, no problem.

Problem solved. Thank you for your help.