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Title: Integrating a Gate Keypad to Obi202 and Linked Obi1062's
Post by: saddair on August 15, 2018, 09:20:32 pm
Hi.  I have an objective I want to run by the forum.

My setup is a Obi202 and 3 Obi1062's.  I also use a generic Panasonic wireless phone system connected to Port 1 of the Obi202.  The Obi1062's are connected wirelessly through my ethernet wireless home network.

I also have a gate keypad Liftmaster EL1SS.  The EL1SS can directly access the home phone and speak to the homeowner.  The homeowner can then open the gate with a *9 command.  You can also request the EL1SS to call forward to an outside line with a series of commands.  This is for use when you are away from home.  The only real issue with call forward is that the called phone user must hit a 0 to be able to speak to the person at the gate.  The EL1SS has two ring and tip 2 phone wire connections.  The first goes directly to the phone system in the home.  In this case, I am using some generic Panasonic wireless phones.  The other line goes out the the Telco which I connected to Port 1 on the Obi202. I have it all hooked up and it works as it is supposed to.

However.... I cannot figure out how to get the Obi1062's to operate as part of the local phones.  In other words, I would like to have the Obi1062's also ring (like the Panasonic system) when a person is at the gate.  Then (like the Panasonic phones) have the person on the 1062 hit *9 to open the gate.

I thought that there might be a way to use Port 1 and Port 2 collaborate with each other to solve the issue.  Bear in mind, however... the EL1SS cannot be programmed to dial any extra phone codes than what is was programmed to do.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: Integrating a Gate Keypad to Obi202 and Linked Obi1062's
Post by: drgeoff on August 17, 2018, 04:39:19 pm
What you desire is not possible with the equipment you have.

The EL1SS has two ports.  One is an FXS.  That connects to the Panasonic phone system.  The other is an FXO which typically connects to a telco line.  In your case the OBi's PHONE1 port is behaving as a telco line.

It is impossible for the 1062 SIP phones to connect directly to the analogue Panasonic phone system.  The 1062's can connect to the OBi202.  But when the EL1SS calls the Panasonic it is doing so via the FXS port of the EL1SS.   Only the ELiSS and Panasonic are talking to each other.  The FXO port of the EL1SS is not active.  It is not talking to the OBi202, so no way it can ring the 1062 phones.

To start talking to the OBi202 (and hence reach the 1062s), the EL1SS needs to use its FXO port.  That is what it does when forwarding to an outside line.  But in that case it doesn't ring the Panasonic.

You could purchase an OBiLINE which will give one of the 1062's an analogue connection just like a POTS phone.  You then use a "doubler" which lets you put that 1062 and the Panasonic in parallel just like ordinary extensions.  And the 1062s can be linked to each other (over IP).  When the EL1SS calls on its FXS port all the phones will ring and any one of them can answer.

An alternative configuration is to plug the OBiLINE into the OBi202.  Connect the FXS of the EL1SS to the RJ11 jack of the OBiLINE.  Connect the Panasonic to one of the 202's PHONE jacks.  Connect the other phone jack of the 202 to the FXO of the EL1SS.  Configure the OBi202 LINE port InboundCallRoute to fork incoming calls to the jack the Panasonic is in and over the Obitalk network to the 1062s.  No doubler thing needed.

Update.  Having thought about it some more, the second method above is preferable in that it also gives the ability to make or receive internal calls between the Panasonic system and any of the 1062s or between the 1062s.  Should also be possible to do 3-way calls between them.

Title: Re: Integrating a Gate Keypad to Obi202 and Linked Obi1062's
Post by: saddair on November 06, 2018, 06:21:59 pm
Thank you for the info.  I will give the option 2 a try.