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Title: New to Obi, experience so far
Post by: dtmp on December 15, 2020, 07:52:34 am
Just posted this to a Polycom survey, just thought I'd share.

Almost everything was painless in my transition from MagicJack to Obi.
I discovered Obi researching MJ alternatives. I was unsatisfied with my MJ service, lots of static, poor sound and annoying key beeps during calls with no seeming way to correct them.
I liked the idea of no annual fee using my Google voice number with Obi.
I purchased the Obi1022 desk phone first thinking I could loop out from it into my house wiring. After receiving it, I realized it did not have a phone out port.
I had a little trouble getting it added to my Obitalk dashboard, it just would not connect to the server, which made me a little nervous and considered returning it. After a few more tries it finally connected.
I purchased the Obi200 for my home phones and that one also took several attempts before it connected.
I've only had the phones up and running for a week, so the jury is still out on how it compares to MJ.
Porting my MJ phone number though seems to be a bit of a hassle. The hoops you have to jump through are a bit cumbersome. An inexpensive way to do this should be available.
Overall experience with Obi is positive so far.

Title: Re: New to Obi, experience so far
Post by: TheWalkman on January 25, 2021, 09:59:05 am
Though I'm really not new to Obi - I've been using the Obi200 for almost two years with google voice and an existing Panasonic desk phone and cordless base,  both attached.  It's been working fine.  I'm using these in my home/ home office in place of the Comcast landline I was paying for, separately via internet.

Amazon had the Obi1032's on sale last week so I decided to buy one to replace the existing Panasonic handset in my home office.

I must say, the interface with the new phone is a bit of a nightmare and seems far too complicated for accomplishing even simple tasks like adding a phone number to speed dial, etc.   This phone and interface seems like state-of-the art 1990's technology and user interface that is severely lacking.  The documentation, as well, seems very poor and is aimed at a phone administrator, not an end user.

Could Obi have made this any more complicated?

I must say, too, porting my landline number (which I've had for YEARS) via T-Mobile was also a real nightmare and took several weeks to do though I think that was ultimately a Comcast issue. 

Bottomline - I'll keep the 1032 but knowing what I know now, I'd stick to the Panasonics attached to my Obi200.

I'll probably keep the phone but I'm very disappointed with the experience.

I've noticed that everything on the Forums and website seems to be very stale, i.e. content that is approaching 10 years old.  Is the writing on the wall that this product and service is doomed?