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Title: OBi110 - outbound trunks (GV, landline via FXO, OBiTalk) of Asterisk
Post by: yhfung on March 26, 2011, 11:47:47 am
If the OBi110 is very far away, for instance over 10000kM from the Asterisk server, one-stage dialling method is highly recommended since two-stage dialling may have a lot of DTMF digit detection problems in the remote OBi110.

In an Asterisk server, an extension 1910 is created as follows:

;TW OBi110 SP2
username=TW OBi110
dtmfmode = auto

The dialling plans in Asterisk to access the voice resources of the OBi110 are shown below. Other extensions are not shown for the sake of simplicity.

;111 OBi110 GV
exten => _111.,1,Dial(SIP/**1${EXTEN:3}@1910,,)
exten => _111.,n,Hangup()

;118 OBi110 PSTN
exten => _118.,1,Dial(SIP/**8${EXTEN:3}@1910,,)
exten => _118.,n,Hangup()

;119 OBi110 OBiTalk
exten => _119.,1,Dial(SIP/**9${EXTEN:3}@1910,,)
exten => _119.,n,Hangup()

include => trunk-obi110-gv
include => trunk-obi110-pstn
include => trunk-obi110-obitalk

exten => 1910,1,Dial(SIP/1910,,) ;OBi110 SP2

In OBi110 Settings: (Use OBi Expert to edit the following variable)
Voice Service >> SP2 Service >> X_InboundCallRoute =

Using one of extensions in Asterisk to carry out the following tests:

1) Key sequence to make US/CAN telephone call via the OBi110's GV gateway
Press 111 + <US/CAN telephone number>

2) Key sequence to make remote PSTN calls via the OBi110's LINE port gateway
Press 118 + <PSTN call>

3) Key sequence to make OBiTalk calls via the OBi110's OBiTalk gateway
Press 119 + <PSTN call>