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Title: Australian Configuration XML File
Post by: MarkObihai on August 12, 2014, 02:29:17 am
Attached to this post is the Australian XML settings file that can be uploaded to the OBi via the local user interface at:

System Management -> Device Update

At "Restore Configuration", select the xml file that is contained within the attached zip file.

Your OBi should now have Australian progress tones and dialled numbers will be processed quicker with the localised digit map.

If you are simply looking for an Australian digit map for your OBi device you can use the following:

(xxxx xxxx|0011xx.|0[1234578]xxxx xxxx|000|<112:000>|1800xxxxxx|180xxxx|1100|114x xxxx|119x|122x|1225|123x|124xx|125 xxx|1268x|1268 xxx|1268 xxx xxx|127x.|1282|128xxx|15x.|190xxxxxxx|1300xxxxxx|13xxxx|(Mipd)|xx.|[^*#]@@.)

Note that by default, "Ring Profile B" and "Tone Profile B" are configured for Australian ringing and progress tones.  Changing these settings for each service will make your OBi "sound" Australian.  

Title: Re: Australian Configuration XML File
Post by: Toro on September 22, 2018, 08:11:16 pm
I have purchased an OBi212 and have installed firmware 3-2-2-5921.fw.
The unit will be used in Australia.
Is the Australian Configuration XML file applicable to the OBi212 device?
If so, do any additional changes have to be made to the OBi212 settings to make it fully "Australian"?
Thank you for any assistance.