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My Obi110 recently started going off line. It's fine for 10 minutes or so after cycling the power but then the phone light goes dark and it looses it's connection. I can still call in to the device from the phone tough. I replaced both the phone and ethernet cable and have tried a different port on my switch. So I ordered a new Obi100 and the exact same thing happens. So I have replaced 100% of the hardware except the switch and the router. I have made no configuration changes to either my router or my switch. The reply I get from a ping is "destination host unreachable". Where do I begin?

Begin at the beginning.

Do you configure the device using the Obitalk portal or via the device's own web server GUI?

Do you run your OBi with a static or dynamic IP address.

An OBi will give dial tone and respond to *** numbers from an attached phone even if there is nothing plugged in to its ethernet port.

Does power cycling you router have any effect?

I'm using the portal.

It has a dynamic IP.

Power cycling the router doesn't help.

I would like to emphasize that the device works for a few minutes after power cycling and then goes dark. During this process the IP address does not change.

Quote from: S--F on June 30, 2015, 12:25:44 am

So I ordered a new Obi100 and the exact same thing happens.

Did you use the old power supply from the original Obi100?  The power supply is a known failure point (especially) for older devices.

No. At first I used the old power supply but then moved to the new one when things didn't stabilize. So The power supply has been removed from the equation.


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