Obi keeps going off line

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Quote from: S--F on June 30, 2015, 07:06:20 am

and then goes dark.
As in NO led's lit?

No phone led AND no communication with the outside world. The power and network led's are still alive and kicking.

The phone LED will turn off when SP1 is un-registered to a service provider, so it is functioning correctly if your OBi100 is losing contact with the router.

Try a different router. If you don't have an extra router, can you take the OBi100 to a friend's house and try their router?

I tracked the problem down to a network intrusion monitor that is part of my home automation system. It pings every address on the subnet every minute. Once I disabled this everything works fine. I will try to work with the author of the utility, but does anyone have an idea why a simple ping would do this to both an Obi100 and an Obi110?

I'm having this same issue, see this post.
Even after disabling all the Obi provisioning settings got off line after several days.


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