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Author Topic: GV - Inbound & Outbound audio occasionally drops for a few seconds  (Read 3033 times)
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« on: March 31, 2016, 06:14:04 pm »

Hi everyone.

I have an Obi 200 that I got a few months back.  I've got it connected to two GV lines, only one of which I use regularly.  I'm having an issue where audio drops on occasion during calls for a few seconds at a time.  When this is not happening, the call quality is great and I have no complaints, but it's really annoying to randomly lose 2-3 seconds of audio here and there.  I know it goes both ways because I occasionally cannot her the person at the other end (they'll be talking, then I wont' hear anything for a few seconds, then I'll hear them again) and they say the same thing happens occasionally when I'm talking.

The Obi is directly connected to the router, and I have Comcast internet, the 150/10 package.  I tried using multiple phones throughout the house, so I'm certain it isn't a phone issue.  I've run a bunch of different SIP call quality tests and they all show very good results (low jitter, very low latency, etc).  Prior to getting the Obi, I had a different SIP ATA (a Grandstream Handytone, IIRC) connected to VoIP.MS and I did not have any issues.

Any ideas?  I'm happy to run any additional tests or whatever.
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