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Author Topic: Obi200 SIP#1 GV fails to turn-on answering machine; No Ring External Answering  (Read 2670 times)
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« on: May 05, 2016, 11:00:55 am »

Initial Conditions:--------
New Obi200, SIP#1 connected via GoogleVoice#1, SIP#2 connected via GoogleVoice#2, external answering machine 2000 miles away from Obi200.  Calling the external answering machine with landline and cell phones turns the answering machine on. Can receive and transmit calls from the Obi200 to other numbers and answering machines without issue.

 New Obi200 using GoogleVoice#1 fails to turn-on external (receiving) answering machine. However if SIP#2 with different GoogleVoice number is used the external answering machine turns on.

Why would SIP#1 fail to trigger answering machine and SIP#2 turn the answering machine on.?

Obi Supports Failed Solutions:--------------------------
1) Obi Support  stated enable router DMZ. Change made & zero benefit. Router changed back to original state.

2) Obi Support stated to reboot the Obi200 and complete Obitalk initialization. SIP#1 worked , SIP#2 added and both worked for a few hours. The following day SIP#1 failed and SIP#2 worked (ie turned on answering machine.).

3) Obi Support was called after more email troubleshooting questions were ignored. 

Options/Alternatives: --------------
I'm requesting options/alternatives to troubleshooting this  No Ring External Answering Machine Problem.

What can I review and change to make SIP#1 work like SIP#2 (ie turn on external answering machine)?

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