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Author Topic: Setting Up Obi200 with AT&T Uverse Internet  (Read 2225 times)
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« on: March 20, 2017, 04:46:06 pm »

Hi Fellow Members,

I have AT&T Uverse Internet with Arris NVG599 built in modem/router. It's been almost a week and after much research and troubleshooting, I still can't get Obitalk to work.

Some background info:
I used to be AT&T customer with Uverse Voice, Internet, and TV bundle two years ago then switched over to Xfinity Internet only. Used Ooma VOIP, at first had some issues, called Ooma support, had a factory reset and worked great! After switching back to AT&T Uverse internet (fed up with Xfinity slow internet and dropped service frequently), my Ooma doesn't work no more due to firewall settings and then discovered Obitalk. I was excited! A solution to my problem or so I thought.

Attempt to set-up Obitalk:
Initially, i took the phone cord from the wall jack and plug into Obitalk, which no light lit up. I then connected the phone cord from Arris gateway to Obitalk instead, and now the phone icon it's keeps flashing green. The term for this is called "backfeeding" according to my research. I check all cords and make sure they are connected and no phone is in use.

I wasn't able to dial **9 222-222-222 to reach echo test server and not able to connect my obitalk device.

I changed some router/firewall settings (read from a different thread). 
-TCP ports: 5222, 5223
-UDP ports: 5061, 5061, 10000 to 10001, 16600 to 16998, 19305

Still the device is not working and phone icon keeps flashing green. Contacted Obisupport and did the factory reset as advised. Result is the same. They offer to exchange a replacement unit and will hopefully receive within two days. Maybe the unit it's defective? sigh Also, i wasn't able to get into the device management.

I'm hoping to hear some feedback from other members. Am very close to throw in the towel.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!!

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