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Author Topic: Can't "press 1 to accept" with GV forwarding to CallCentric w/ call screening  (Read 2959 times)
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« on: April 13, 2017, 09:31:11 pm »

I've got an Obi202 that I've had up and running for well over a year and everything had been running great.  I've got SPAM filtering on in GV as well as call screening w/ having the caller say their name which has really cut down on having to talk to telemarketers

In the last month though, something strange has happened.  Now when I answer an unknown phone call, I cannot reliably get the system to recognize me pressing 1 to actually accept the call.  I can press it over and over, hold the key down, etc, nothing works.  Nothing has changed in my config.  Same cordless phones as ever (Panasonic).

Since it seemed to be related to DTMF, I tried changing some settings per this thread:

It has gotten slightly better, but it never works on the first press and still sometimes never works.  I did notice my Obi was due for a SW update which I did, but didn't help.

I tried to plug a corded phone into the Obi instead of the cordless just to rule that out, but I got a ton of static and could barely make out the dial tone.  The phone did have an integrated LCD CID display, so I wonder if it was trying to pull more juice than the Obi could put out (just a theory).

No callers have indicated any quality issues and my internet is plenty fast (40+Mbps), so doesn't seem like a connectivity issue.

Anyone have any ideas?  It's really frustrating and I had to turn off call screening just to be able to reliably receive calls.
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