Started by dnaber, July 24, 2017, 02:35:56 PM

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Ok, to say I'm confused would be an understatement!!!   I have a fax to send. The number is 222-333-4444. How would I dial the number on the fax machine? I have tried the following


Somebody please throw me a bone.




This all comes down to who your service provider is. They may require different formats. Generally in the us, 2223334444 would work. Some may require 12223334444.

Depending upon your provider, you may need top prefix this with a command to change the codec to and/or to set the fax machine with a slow speed and perhaps turn off error correction.

If you just bought an Obi and plugged it into a router, you have more setup to do.

Which Obi did you buy?

Are you using GoogleVoice, Voip.Ms? Callcentric? Voipo or someone else as a provider?
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No-one can throw you a bone unless you provide some more information.

What OBi device? Which ITSP? How have you configured the OBi?

For basic connectivity you dial a fax number exactly the same as dialling a phone number. If you plug in an ordinary phone instead of the fax machine can you successfully call POTS style phone numbers?


Sorry guys for not providing enough info.....  Ok, I have Comcast as my internet provider, and I purchased the OBi200. And I using Google Voice. And yes, I can make a phone call by dialing the area code and then the number 222-333-4444. Also the fax machine that I'm trying to get to work is a HP Photosmart, 7520 All in One unit. Let me know if additional information is needed.  Thanks



You've described the setup, but not the problem.

Enter the 11-digit telephone number (12223334444) on the fax machine's keypad and click the button to send.  What happens?  What do you hear?


Ok, maybe I maybe it just wanted me to post something..... because by adding the 1 again its working.... go figure.  Thanks guys for the assistance.