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Author Topic: OBi110 + FreePBX + PSTN intercom DTMF issues  (Read 6053 times)
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« on: October 13, 2017, 08:40:27 pm »

Hey all,

I'm running Incredible PBX (distro of FreePBX and Asterisk) on my Raspberry Pi. I've set it up with an IVR used to automatically answer calls from my apartment's intercom system, and then dial the appropriate DTMF digit to unlock the door if it receives the correct DTMF sequence from the intercom panel.

I'm using an OBi110 to connect the PSTN line from the intercom (regular phone jack on the wall) to my PBX. I've followed all the instructions I can find to connect the OBi to my PBX and it seems to work pretty well.

The problem now is that DTMF does not work at all between the OBi and the intercom. When I push numbers from the intercom, they aren't detected by the PBX. When I dial 9 from the phone connected to the OBi, it does not appear to be transmitted to the intercom. I have confirmed that DTMF does work on the phones connected internally, including to and from the phone plugged into the OBi.

At this point I've tried fiddling with the DTMF type on both the PBX and OBi, as well as trying different gain levels and such, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?

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« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 07:34:04 pm »

Bumping this because I've just gotten around to trying again and I have new information. It appears that my problem is actually that something is cutting off the connection. Through some experimentation (a phone on auto-answer) I discovered that the call is answered by the Asterisk server, but the audio cuts out within a second of connecting. However, the call is not shown as disconnected on either the OBi110 or the Asterisk server until I hang up at the intercom. Any ideas as to how that might happen?

I've attached a log from the OBi110 below.

--- Call begins from intercom ---

[Dec 31 21:55:05]<7> [DAA]: CPC DETECTED ( 52950 ms, 59 v )
[Dec 31 21:55:05]<7> [0]DAA CPC

[Dec 31 21:55:05]<7> [DAA]: FXO ONHOOK MONITOR

[Dec 31 21:55:05]<7> [0]DAA FXO: ON-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: ON-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:05]<7> FXO:NewTermState:onhook

[Dec 31 21:55:06]<7> [DAA]: FXO ring on

[Dec 31 21:55:06]<7> [0]Ring On

[Dec 31 21:55:06]<7> FXO:NewTermState:ringing

[Dec 31 21:55:06]<7> [0]DAA FXO: ON-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: OFF-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:06]<7> FXO:NewTermState:line in use

[Dec 31 21:55:07]<7> [0]DAA FXO: ON-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: ON-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:07]<7> FXO:NewTermState:onhook

[Dec 31 21:55:07]<7> [0]DAA FXO: ON-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: OFF-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:07]<7> FXO:NewTermState:line in use

[Dec 31 21:55:07]<7> fxo: cp proceeding

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> RTP:DtmfTxMtd:1(1),0

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> fxo: cp answered

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> [DAA]: FXO OFFHOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> FXO:NewTermState:offhook

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> FXO:Stop Tone

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> RTP:Start->c0a8011a:18496(80);0;0;0:0:0;0(13)

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> [DAA] FXO ring off

[Dec 31 21:55:08]<7> [0]DAA FXO: OFF-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: ON-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:09]<7> [0]DAA PwrUp

[Dec 31 21:55:09]<7> FXO:NewTermState:onhook

--- This is where I disconnect the call from the intercom ---

[Dec 31 21:55:22]<7> [0]DAA FXO: OFF-HOOK, PARA HANDSET: OFF-HOOK

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> [0]DAA PwrDn

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> FXO tell cc end-call

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> RTP:Del Channel

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> [JB] call overall status --     
peer:   ,
local:  ,
pkt_tx:           78,
pkt_rx:           816,
bytes_tx:         13416,
bytes_rx:         140352,
clk_diff:         0 PPM,
pkt_in_jb:        10,
pkt_ooo:          0,
pkt_lost:         0,
pkt_late:         0,
pkt_loss_rate:    0 %,
pkt_drop_rate:    0 %,
jb_len:           190 ms,
curr_rcvd_jitter: 0 ms,
rcvd_digits:      0,
underruns:        0,
overruns:         0,
seq_num_broken:   0,
pkt_interp:       0,
skew_comp:        0 ms,
frm_in_pkt:       2
[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> [DAA]: FXO ONHOOK MONITOR

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> [DAA]: FXO ONHOOK MONITOR

[Dec 31 21:55:24]<7> FXO:NewTermState:pwr down

[Dec 31 21:56:12]<7> [PR] prompt transcoding done!!
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