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Author Topic: Obi110 finally & permanently offline via Obi. BooHoo.  (Read 1078 times)
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« on: December 05, 2017, 03:20:47 pm »

This day was long anticipated, and of course has come at the least convenient time.
(Not that it would EVER really be convenient anyhow...!)

As of this morning BOTH our older & newer Obi boxes ceased to function.

Seems most likely that this failure mode is due to actions/choices rather than happenstance, therefore it is probably time to move forward into other options to keep using GV with many Obi boxes.

No big shock with the Obi110 - but our Obi2xx also quit at the very same time.

Having checked the latest threads/postings here & noticing how a certain (rather obnoxious, but helpful at times IMO...) member here has been certain to post after all my latest replies, it is obvious that the 'expiration' of many (or all) Obi1xx as Obi devices is now at hand & due to the changes made by the Big G.

OK. This too shall pass.
Time to make a thread about this from this user's POV...with the options being considered.

We have Simonics Gateway set up for a Panasonic cordless SIP phone & after the initial setup it has been 100% flawless for quite a while on a different GV account.

I have used the path of GV=>CC=>phone before with their free numbers, and this seems to be a fairly good alternative.

An area of interest to me is mentioned repeatedly at the Nerd Vittles blog - and that is the idea of setting up a PBX in the cloud using a very low cost service like Cloud at Cost.
Just so happens I grabbed a great deal there a while back, so since I already have that I may just play around with it a bit before heading over to GVGW...
Seems to me that having 1 PBX set up there for our 3 lines on 2 Obi boxes will be a good solution as long as it is fairly reliable.

For the present, all I had to do is power up my cellular that GV forwards to as a temporary solution for the (now 100% ??) dead Obi boxes that we have.

I am currently seeking other good ideas for connecting what we already have with GV before pulling the trigger to move our lines over to just using GVGW.

Any further helpful info will be greatly appreciated.

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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 03:44:19 pm »

but our Obi2xx also quit at the very same time.

Does your OBi2xx have the latest firmware installed? That would be 3.2.1 (Build: 5757EX).

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« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2017, 04:02:14 pm »

Greetings and Thanks Taoman !!
Slight update & edit:
Remembered to try the *** codes on the 2xx box & ***6 got the update & it is back to working.

Most likely very soon I'll just delete both boxes from their accounts, swap them, and put that seldom used phone on the GVGW with the 110 as that will fix everything, for the time being, in the simplest way possible that is consistent with their usages.

Original reply:
Frankly, the Obi2xx gets hardly any usage & the phone connected with it is a stinker for me to use (no speakerphone for my poor hearing...), so I've no idea what f/w it has.

I did read in a post here today that Obi is 'pushing' f/w, and if that is so, then I'm in no hurry.

When I try to make a call it says no service configured, log into Obitalk, blah, blah, blah.

I'm sure there are codes I can use from the phone to verify the f/w version and IIRC even one to make it do the upgrade if needed - but for rigt now if just waiting this out a bit will be sufficient for the Obi2xx, that's OK with me.

Thanks Again & Best Wishes to You and Yours.
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