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Author Topic: obi 200 dosent ring from some numbers  (Read 3702 times)
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« on: January 06, 2018, 08:07:51 pm »

ok heres a odd situation.
when my mom calls my properly linked google voice number my obi dosent ring.
if others call my google number it does ring properly.

i have a obi200, and SP1 is set up to the usual google voice. all outgoing is good, most incoming is good as well except for 1 number that just won't ring.
this one person is a very important contact: my mothers cell
all other callers that are calling my google voice number from any device, a landline, a cell phone, or obi device connect just fine.

in depth:
my mother is calling me from her cell (to my google voice number) just wont connect to obi.
if i have my hangouts on my cellphone accepting calls it then my cell rings rings (my cellphone is on a data only plan, because it saves me about $20 a month to not have minutes) and alwaus having hangouts connected murders my battery more then viper4android
i checked weather she was somehow marked as a spammer, she is not. so i have no idea what to do

heres some redacted screenshots of my google settings. please let me know is you need other info
my obi is connected to voice

my SP1 config page with voice

my voice is forwarding to chat

these 4 calls were from my mom but she kept calling because my phone wasnt ringing

the contact config page for my mom on google voice

i in all honesty have no idea what is going on. she is not getting sent to spam. i believe my settings are fine, but something must be wrong.
i even tried repairing my google voice and its the same issue.
honestly i'm out of ideas because all other callers get through.
mom calling from her obi on obi net: works
mom calling my google voice number from her obi: works, but big delay and voice quality degradation.
anybody except my mom calling my google number (except callers marked as spam) from any device: works
mom calling my google number from her cell phone: dosent work. i asked her and she says it rings a bunch of times, then goes to voicemail.
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 08:40:26 pm »

Check to see if her number somehow made it into the obi block list.

X_BlockedCallers under voice services/SPx service/X_BlockedCallers

There was a * code.. *86 I believe which by default is add number to block list.

That's what happened here when trying to check voice mail on a different system.  Somehow the obi interpreted it as a request to block the last caller.
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