Direct Dialing Using OBiTALK and the Terminating Gateway's Primary Line

Started by ShermanObi, February 09, 2011, 04:08:41 PM

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You can enable direct dialing from one OBi device to another OBi device using it as a gateway to call regular phone numbers without the need to first connect to the far end OBi's Attendant to place a New Call.  

To use this feature, the OBi user will need to pre-pend the destination number with the speed dial code of the terminating gateway and the star (*) key. The terminating gateway can be any of the OBi devices that the user owns herself or other users' OBi devices to which she belongs to their Circle of Trust in OBiTALK, e.g. 7*12125551212 Where the OBi with speed dial 7 is used to make calls to the 212 area code.

The OBi device acting as the gateway will use its configured Primary Line to terminate the call to the PSTN.

Direct calling from the (free) OBi soft phone clients, OBiON for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and OBiAPP for PCs will also be supported with an update that will be available soon.  Please see the forum board for OBiON and OBiAPP for more details.


I get a busy signal when I place a call. tried several different numbers.
Calling from iPhone app back to my Obi.


The OBiON for iPhone app will require an update for this to work.  I will modify the message a bit to reflect this.  We will have the OBiON for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch posted soon.  Sorry for the confusion!