Is direct SIP calling from within Speed Dials or dial patterns supported?

Started by MichiganTelephone, February 09, 2011, 06:21:18 AM

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One thing that is possible on some other devices is to put a direct SIP address in a speed dial slot or in a dial pattern.  For example, on another device, if I put into one of the speed dial slots, then when I hit that speed dial number it will take me directly to a SIP test number in the UK.  This doesn't seem to work on the OBi and I have tried a couple of variations (like sip/ and  Is direct SIP dialing not supported by the OBi or am I just doing it wrong?
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IP or URL Dialing is not available on the OBI at present. But I can see this as a good candidate for a new feature. The main challenge is to how to fit this kind of dialing pattern into the OBi's flexible call-routing configuration. But having it as a speed dial should be quite feasible.