Auto Attendant Stopped Answering Trusted Callers - Suspect Firmware Update

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Auto Attendant was working fine on my Obi200 until I tried to use it on 5/18/18. Now I cannot get the Auto Attendant to pick up the line when called by a Trusted Caller. I tried adjusting a few parameters, deleting/adding device, factory reset.

Any suggestions?

Obi System Status is showing "SoftwareVersion 3.2.2 (Build: 5859EX)". Is this related to a recent firmware update?


Use OBi Expert and go to:
Voice Services -> SP? Service -> X_InboundCallRoute

The rule should look something like this:


Thanks for your help. Your suggestion fixed my problem.

So for other Newbies, if the Auto Attendant does not answer GV calls, after adding Trusted Callers via the OBi Dashboard, change the X_InboundCallRoute value by entering the OBi Expert Configuration; unchecking the OBiTALK Settings and Device Default check boxes; and correcting the syntax for X_InboundCallRoute from something like {(x.12003004000|x.12003004001):aa},{ph} to {(+12003004000|+12003004001):aa},{ph}. Basically change "x." to "+".

Make sure the OBi device completes a reboot after changing X_InboundCallRoute. After making this change through the OBi Expert Configuration on a second OBi200 at a different location, the Auto Attendant still did not answer until I triggered a reboot by entering the OBi200 directly (e.g. and clicking on "Reboot". (The "Config Current" check mark was shown after refreshing the browser page and before rebooting.)

Does this look right?


It didn't seem to work for me.

It doesn't look right to me. I'm not an expert, but I believe all the characters, except the phone numbers should be exactly the same as my example. But I have a simple setup. I am only using the SP1 voice service with Google Voice (GV). Additional voice services might complicate matters. Try a single phone number with this syntax {(+12223334000):aa},{ph}

These are the steps I followed to get two different OBi200's (version 3.2.2 (Build: 5859EX)) working:

1. Set the Trusted Callers using the OBiTALK Dashboard at
2. Enter the OBi Expert Configuration and confirm the OBiTALK Dashboard X_InboundCallRoute value includes the phone number(s) entered in step 1
3. Uncheck the OBiTalk and Default checkbox for X_InboundCallRoute
4. Change "x." to "+" in the X_InboundCallRoute value
5. Save the changes and exit the OBi Expert Configuration
6. Reboot the OBi200. (I did this by navigating to the OBi200 IP address and entering username "admin" and password "admin" and then clicking "Reboot".)


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