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Loud Static

Started by SteveForum, June 05, 2018, 06:48:49 AM

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I am having an odd problem.  I have been using Obi for a long time with no problems.  The other day a regularly called number for me now gives me static when the other party answers.  The flow is place the call->party answers-> loud static.  It's only that 1 number.  Every other one seems to work.  What makes this more odd is any other phone (not obi) doesn't have the problem.  I am using Google Voice for the back end.  Any ideas?


I also experienced loud static on a few calls today.  I could barely hear the other party through the noise.  But later today the problem went away.  Perhaps your problem will fix itself too.


Well it's been a few months so I am not so sure it will, but who knows.  The weird part is its ONLY that one number.  I hear the Verizon RingBack Tone, and then static... every time.


I'm having this issue too - every time I call my parents' number, which is a Comcast voice line. Any answers on this issue?


Nope nothing worked, but eventually it started doing it on other numbers, and the numbers that originally had the problem stopped... no idea what is wrong.


I've seen this randomly.  No explanation.


I'm also facing this issue on random basis. It happens for both inbound and outbound calls. Whenever it happens, I see huge underruns (> 25K).

I created a new thread in the forum and there was no reply. I also contacted OBi support and only thing they recommended was to change the phone.

I use GV on OBI200. Yesterday this issue happened while calling an international number. I could hear a clear message from Google that the call is being routed through google and after that there was nothing but loud static. When I tried the same number again within a few seconds, I noticed the same behavior. When I tried after 2 hours or so, there was no issue.

This issue happens only during beginning of the call. Could this be due to loss of important packets needed for initial handshake? I tried to set QoS on my router, disabled SIP ALG and changed router but no luck so far. I'm planning to use SurgeArrest Surge Protector to see if it helps.

I hope someone will offer a solution for this issue.


I ran into same problem using obi200 w/ GV calling a line (Comcast).  It happens 9 out of 10 times and that is the number I call the most.  Before I bought obi200, I was using Asterisk with no problem over the same GV account and call the same Comcast number.

I did a week of reading on many forums, seems like many people have this problem since a few years, and Obi didn't have any solution, or even acknowledge this.  Wish I knew before I bought it.  Obi didn't reply to any of our question even in this forum.  They didn't list it as a known issue in masking it from consumer.  At this point I have no confident their engineering is competent in fixing this.

Yup, not a happy customer.


Did you ever find a fix for this problem? I'm having this issue almost every time I call a particular chain store (no matter which location): I call and then I get the IVR menu, which sounds fine. Then I pick the option to be transferred to a store associate, I get static when they pick up. I also intermittently have this problem with other numbers that I call.

I have an Obi 200 with Google Voice too.


I seem to recall someone mentioning that OBi wanted an example of this failure
that was reproducible. Occasional random failures are hard to trouble-shoot.
Perhaps you could pass the name and phone number of this company along to Polycom.


I am still facing an issue this forum is not allowing to open a thread. I am getting error.

I am facing the same issues. I am in Maryland. I tried to call a pharmacy (eg Walgreen/Giant). As I passed all greetings and option, when the call getting transferred to rep, I am getting the LOUD Static noise.

I need to disconnect . I tried many times, but same outcome.

I tried to my Android phone with GV call. It did not have such issues.

I am able to give the numbers to trouble shooting/reproduction.

How/where to send this info?

Thanks for your guidance.


Every once in a while - randomly, it seems - making a call will do this with my Obi200.
I just end that call - call again - and it doesn't usually repeat.