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Author Topic: Can Obi200 be configured with separate User ID and Auth ID?  (Read 34607 times)
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« on: June 25, 2018, 02:46:51 pm »


I am trying to configure an OBI200 device to work with a 3CX PBX.  When creating a new extension, the 3CX PBX by default makes separate User IDs (extensions) and Auth IDs, in addition to a complex password.   The advantage of doing this is presumably security.  It is easy to guess an extension number -- 502, 407, 1023, etc.  It's much more difficult to guess some random 8 character or 16 character Auth ID -- thus making 3CX harder to hack into. 

However, it is not clear whether there is any way to configure the OBI200 device to have a separate User ID (extension) and Auth ID.  I see there is a field in the OBI configuration for "URI" and the help popup for that seems to indicate this is used when there is an Auth ID.  But either it doesn't work to use this field with 3CX, or I am putting the wrong information into it.  I have tried populating the URI field with:

-- Auth ID
-- sip:Auth ID@PBX Address
-- Auth ID@PBX Address

None of those work. 

Is there a solution here?  The only way I can get the OBI200 to work with 3CX so far is to make the User ID and Auth ID the same on the 3CX PBX (for example, make them both 1201). And ignore the URI field in OBI200.   But this is presumably less secure.

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