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Author Topic: GV will not complete calls to many numbers  (Read 18504 times)
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« on: July 06, 2018, 07:11:03 am »

Hi I have a 202 OBI  and having issues I have to GV SP1 and SP2   on both line many number of the calls will ring once or so and then dead air no connection.   If I log into my GV account and make the same calls in hangouts it goes through without any problem.  So it seems to be a OBI issue but not getting any good solutions from OBI.
All of this started about a month or two ago I have been using OBI for years with little issue but the is a major problem.  I do relieve calls in with no problems.

Again most out going calls on either SP1 or SP2 WILL not complete after the first ring it goes dead.  I really need to get this fixed please assist.
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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 08:50:14 pm »

I have the SAME EXACT thing !!!! Ive got some OBI 508's, 99% of incoming work fine... I had SIMONICS, deleted that as its DEAD now...

Ill DIAL a call it will RING and answer on the other end I hear a SPLIT second of voice or answering machine or autoanswer voice and it cuts off....

I think its something with GV but i see no one has chimed in here....

Anyone Huh
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« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 04:15:19 am »

Those are the symptoms I was getting on GV on my Obi2nn both a) After XMPP was discontinued but before I upgraded the connection to SIP, and b) After the portal got SIP working but then upgraded my firmware to Build 5897EX.

After a huge battle with the portal and the newest firmware (Build 5898EX), I've got things working the way they were before XMPP was discontinued, but it was one big bag-o'-bugs along the way.  Backups wouldn't restore.  Obi Expert doesn't allow reloading the speed dials from a backup.  Auto Attendant user prompts wouldn't restore completely (the recordings would load without the table, which you have to do manually, after you figure out which prompt is which variable).

Right now, between the Obi2nn firmware and the ObiTalk portal, my verdict is Sloppy, Buggy, and Deficient.  Maybe they'll clean these problems up eventually, but right now if you need to get things working again, you've got some work ahead of you.  Back everything up before you touch anything, but don't count on it restoring without jumping through flaming hoops.  For me, Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 was the one tool that saved my bacon.  It let me create two derivatives of my offline backup file that helped.  One was a version without any references to the Voice Service on my device on which I installed Google Voice.  The other was a version with only one Object, my speed dials.

In addition, if you have User Prompts on Auto Attendant, copy down the table at the bottom of the page along with your backups.  Those are the things that look like %User1%, etc.  Those will not restore, you need to manually enter them after you load your backupaa.dat file.  (And, only documented in the Device Administration Guide is the fact that you need to load backupaa.dat using the Update Firmware tool, not the Restore Config tool.)
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