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Author Topic: Barging In Between Obi1022s  (Read 506 times)
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« on: March 06, 2019, 04:20:08 pm »

I have two Obi1022s and one Obi202. I can barge into the Obi202 from an Obi1022, but can't barge in from one Obi1022 to another Obi1022. When I try to do that, I do get connected to the other Obi1022, but the outside line gets cut off.

For example:

Maureen is on an outside call using the Obi202. She is talking to another business. From an Obi1022 I can barge in: *96(her Obi ID). Works great!

But if Maureen is on an outside call using an Obi1022, when I try to barge in from the other Obi1022, then I connect with Maureen, but she is disconnected from the person she was talking to.

Since it works to barge in to the Obi202, it seems it should be possible between Obi1022s, but there must be some configuration which needs to be set.

Any Ideas would be welcome!
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