GV: The number you have dialed has been disconnected ... YIKES!

Started by BobTeatow, September 13, 2018, 06:02:05 AM

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I've had Google Voice for years... I had an old Obi110 which I replaced with an Obi202 many weeks ago.
All was working okay with Google Voice/WiFi and Obi202 configured to use Google Voice on SP1(wife's GV number) and SP2(my GV number).

Then a few days ago, callers to my number started getting the message
"the number you have dialed has been disconnected"...
I would hear the Obi connected phone ring two short times and then the caller would get that error message.
(I was able to catch the callback number to discuss with caller and then I tried it myself from another phone.)

Summary: something is wrong with GV-Wifi-VOIP-OBI handling...  If I turn on OBI handling or WiFi handling via OBI or the Voice App - Bang "disconnected"

Switching GV to "do not disturb" mode calls to my number go directly to voice mail.
I tried turning off call forwarding to the 3 other numbers and the Obi device... And then cancelling the do not disturb...
SAME PROBLEM!  The Obi still rings twice!

Then I deleted the SP2 configuration from the Obitalk "dashboard"... SAME Problem... Obi still rings!
I logged into the GUI directly from the OBI202's IP address on my LAN and confirmed the configuration of SP2 was cleared out.
I rebooted the OBI202 for good measure... SAME Problem still rings twice and caller is told my number is disconnected!!

Finally, I went into the GV legacy web GUI and deleted the OBI device from the list of "phones" (Yes it was unchecked there before I deleted it...)

AH... Partial solution to the problem!  GV and OBI now receive calls to my GV number!! Even though I've deleted the OBI configuration from my GV account AND deleted it from my OBI dashboard.

I turned back on forwarding to my primary cell phone and I think I'm okay for now...  IF I leave the GV app in the cell phone as "carrier only".
(If I change it to WiFi... Callers get the disconnected message)
Calls are still coming to the OBI202 and my cell phone and I can talk withouthe "disconnected" message.   But this is WEIRD.  I've delete the OBI202 from my GV account and I've deleted the GV number from my OBI account.

So something wrong with GV-Wifi-VOIP-OBI handling...  If I turn on OBI handling or WiFi handling via OBI or the Voice App - Bang "disconnected"

PLEASE FIX. I'd like to go back to everything working sensibly!!


I have an OBI202 and OBI212, both work flawlessly on wireless with 3 GV accounts.

Have you tried a factory reset on your OBI202 ?



Flawlessly... Yes, I  too thought so up to a few days ago.

Notice I did delete my GV configuration from SP2 and rebooted the box.  Yes the OBI still rings a and then says "disconnected" to the caller.
Only when I delete the OBI device entry via the "phones" list in the legacy GV web page - does the behavior change.

Then even though I've wiped out my GV account from what I can see on the OBI  AND I've wiped the OBI from what I can see on Google Voice web pages and app settings....   Calls to  my GV number continue to ring the OBI....  And moreover I can pick up and talk! 

So it seems somewhere Google is remembering the association of my GV number to my OBI.... AND Google can call my OBI, even though my OBI is no longer associated with my GV number, from the point of view of the Google Voice web pages and apps that I can see.

Thinking might just be a matter of waiting some time for info to be propagated through Googles databases or whatnots... Nope!  True after several hours...


Update,  I retested this morning. And finally the association between my OBI and my GV number is gone.  So now dialing my GV number from another phone - Does not ring my OBI 202.   I have an old OBI 100 on Callcentric and I have forwarded my GV number to that and that is working okay.
Then I turned Prefer WiFi calling on in my Android cell phone and that is working okay now too.

You may think I'm nuts - but there was a real glitch in the OBI-WIFI-GV support.  Worked fine last week.  Some time this week my callers started hearing "The number you have dialed has been disconnected"... Really. No doubt - I heard it and I know from others who dialed my number and had  the problem, that this was a real problem.

Perhaps GV  reverted to an earlier situation where they warned about some incompatibilities among OBI-WIFI-GV?  
Please advise.   I can't risk using my OBI202 for my GV number again for a while, since I don't want any caller to hear the bogus "disconnected" message.

Thanks for "listening"...


We've noticed some oddities with GV & our Obi200 for some weeks already as well.
From time to time we've heard from callers that they've gotten error messages too & retried, then got through OK.


Thank you for confirming that there are some bugs remaining.  Please  continue to report them on this forum and the Google Voice support forum.
If they see enough reports, perhaps they will take them seriously.  So far mine has been blown off by "Bluescat" as nonsense!  Why would I make this up? I don't need the trouble.  Professionally I deal with software bugs as part of my job.  We always try to reproduce the problem scenario in the lab, but if we can't, then we collect logs and traces, because sometimes stuff happens in the field that we thought was "impossible"...

I installed and configured my OBI202 shortly after receiving from Amazon on July 11.
It worked fine up until a few days ago, with GV-APP-WIFI and GV-OBI calling as the SP2 service

Then I started losing incoming calls... I'd hear a couple of short rings from the OBI and the caller would get the "disconnected" message.
Usually I could capture the caller-id and call the person back and assure them that my number wasn't disconnected.
I tested it myself from another phone and sure enough the problem existed and was real.

I spent a long time trying to eliminate it, but what finally worked for me was giving up
GV-OBI ... But not just eliminating it from the OBI side, but going into Google Voice "legacy"
and deleting the OBI/SIP definition.  Unchecking the fowarding ticky-box  was not enough!

OTOH - my wife's GV number is still configured as the OBI202 SP1 service.  Outbound from OBI works fine.
Inbound we have unchecked the forwarding to OBI box in GV and use forwarding to a Callcentric account.  That is because we get
better CallerId with CallerName service and I've been using that for "free" for years before we upgraded to OBI202.