OBI200 knocks switch off the network


We're using a dozen OBI200 adapters on the same network. Each user has a single Ethernet wall jack and a simple workgroup switch to connect the OBI200 and their PC. Have had 3 different users where the OBI200 modem and computer drop off the network. Cycling power to the OBI200 modem and the switch brought the modem/phone and PC back online. Has happened to different makes/models of workgroup switches. Seems like the OBI200 is introducing some noise on the switch bad enough to interrupt network traffic. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution?

First thing I would do it look at the main switch that all the network jacks are connected to.

i.e. Swap the connections around and see if the problem moves to different PC's.

Interesting idea. I'll try that. Thanks. So far, the problem has not happened twice on any circuit. It happens maybe once every week or two, and always on a different circuit to date. I'll continue to track which circuits & which OBi200 adapters are involved. It may take a while to notice a pattern.

To me the chances of three Obi's or three PC's having the same very uncommon problem at the same time is very slim.

However, the chance of a single switch being the problem is much much higher.

This has been discussed before and AFAIK no official documentation exists, but according to some unofficial tests I recently ran the Obi 200 ethernet port goes to 100/half duplex. No idea whether it is hard set in the Obi or if the Obi is trying to auto detect. Either way, you might try hard setting the port on your switch to 100/half. Most modern switches attempt to auto detect but it doesn't always detect successfully. I had one case where replacing the cable with a crossover cable allowed the switch to auto detect correctly. That was a newer Cisco switch. YMMV


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