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Author Topic: Set up 202 for Gate panel with dual dial targets?  (Read 513 times)
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« on: May 01, 2019, 05:46:43 pm »

I installed a 202 a week ago or so and I've got it working fine. Current config is simple (where Tx = Telephone port x and GV x = Google Voice acct/number x):
SP1 = GV 1 = T1
SP2 = GV 2 = T2

T1 connects to a phone distribution panel for our home. T2 connects to a telephone entry panel at the end of our driveway and this is the one I would like to enhance functionality to. Right now, a press of the CALL button on the panel seizes line T2 and calls my cell phone. When I answer, I can listen to who is at the gate and then pick 1 to open the gate or 9 to disconnect the call.

I would like to have both my cell and my spouses cell called, with the first to answer picking up the call (and maybe disconnecting the other). Whoever ends up with the call can respond to the gate. I can't figure out a way to do this w/GV, nor from the ObiTalk portal. It looks like it may be possible if I were to dive into the guts of the OBi, but I haven't got the time or confidence to attempt that. I have no problem grabbing both GV numbers or phone ports to get this to work. Even getting another OBi/GV account is on the table. Anything that would work. Note: this functionality is getting to be pretty common on modern cellular gate entry systems, which mine is not - modern or cellular).

Anyone have any ideas? I'm all ears!
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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2019, 09:06:42 pm »

Is the gate panel programmed with your cell number and when someone presses a button it dials that number? Is it setup in another way?

Assuming the gate is dialing your number, use OBi Expert to make the following change.

Physical interfaces -> Phone2 Port
Add the following to the beginning of the OutboundCallRoute:

Replace 18005551111 with your number.
Replace 18005552222 with your spouse's number.

I have not tested this and not sure it will work. Please post back the results.
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