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OBi200 and Voice Gateways : Issues??

Started by ob1joef, June 15, 2019, 03:17:46 PM

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OBi200 and Voice Gateways : Issues??

Once upon a time I had an OBi110 and I successfully installed  working Voice Gateways on it.
I followed the instructions on  the OBi web forum for an OBi110  (above).

I repeated those instructions in that  ...
I tried replicating the VGs on an OBi200 and keep getting "No service configured" error.

I've gone over my work many times for syntax errors, etc.

I am trying to have a callcentric dial out
I tried  that I've successfully used with a SP3102
and tried, too.   

But I'm failing before it can get to calling out to Callcentric.  So I'm lost.

Anybody know of issues with Voice Gateways moving from an OBi110 and an OBi200?

thanks in advance


Your mentions of and make no sense.

You need your Callcentric 177 number as AuthUserID and the password as AuthPassword. For AccessNumber use the format


where x is 1 to 4 and that SP is configured with a working SIP based ITSP. in your case is

Then you need an OutboundCallRoute which routes calls to use that VG, perhaps by dialling **6 as a prefix.


I always used I just tried srv... on a softphone and it worked, but stun... didn't.

Which service provider is defined on the SP you're pointing at? I don't think it will work if it's defined as GV. I know GV is now SIP, but I tested this shortly after the switchover and it didn't work. I'm assuming nothing has changed.


Are you actually putting SPx( as the Access Number? If yes you need to change the x to whichever of 1-4 is applicable for Callcentric.