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Issue with OBi200 answering incoming calls with recorded message

Started by sacgeek, July 20, 2019, 02:46:10 PM

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Thanks in advance for reviewing my issue.

I changed internet providers and not wanting to lose my home phone number, ported it to Google voice, following provided instructions and everything worked fine.

Next I installed my OBi200 using this number and plugged in my existing digital phone .

OBi200 set up on google voice and working with two exceptions. Calls come in showing "out of area" on the phone screen even though they are in this, the correct area code.

The phone rings, answering machine kicks on with my Google Voice message (not the message on the phone) and immediately shuts off, not allowing the caller to leave a message.

Not sure if this is an issue with a setting on GV, or the existing phone which prior to GV, always worked as it should work.

Interesting note, GV continues to notify of the incoming calls to my other devices as it should be doing, but with no messages, just the fact that a call was received showing the incoming number.

Assistance would be appreciated as this is my first go round with OBi.