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Author Topic: Latest OBi Admin Guide Sept 2011 for firmware version 1.3 (Errors or Omissions)  (Read 13126 times)
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« on: October 01, 2011, 08:48:39 am »

OBi Device Administration Guide
Version 28.09.11: 28 September 2011
Revised for firmware version 1.3

Anyone spot any errors or omissions in the latest Admin guide.

I wish there were a lot more examples showing configurations in the Admin guide.

1) ERROR Google Voice has 2 voice channels per account

Admin Guide:
Note that the device only allows one call at a time per GV account (2 calls at the same time if you have two GV accounts on SP1 and SP2) and the codec is limited to G711u only for all calls.

2) http://www.obitalk.com/forum/index.php?topic=1631.msg10475;topicseen#new
Omission as per original poster
- Added options to support NAT traversal for SIP Gateway and URL calls on SP1/2.
  You may now append these URL parameters to speed dial and SIP Gateway VG1-8 access number, separated by ';',
   - ui=userid[:password]
   - ui=user-info, password is optional
   - op=[ i ][ m ][ n ][ s ]        ;option flags, i=ice,  -m=symmetic-rtp, n=natted-address, s=stun
     SpeedDial = sp2(1234@sip.inum.net;ui=1000:xyz;op=sm)
     VG1-8 AccessNumber = SP1(sip.inum.net;user=1000;op=imns)
     Note that if userid or password is specified in VG1-8 AccessNumber, it overwrites the settings in AuthUserID, and AuthPassword in the VG.

3) Minor Table format error
Admin Guide section, Customizing AA Prompt Lists, table reads 7 rows as recordable AA prompt lists. Should be 8 rows, as we can replace 8 prompts. The first row of the table is incorrectly formatted with two prompts.

4) Typo
Star Code Profile Parameter Guide:
Code27 Default = Clear Speeak Dial Star Code (Should be Speed Dial???)

5) End User Features Available on the OBi:
Call Transfer (Attended)

You can transfer a call to a third party using the attended transfer capabilities of the OBi.  To use Attended Call Transfer, while in a call with the party who will be transferred, press the “flash” button or depress and release the switch hook on your phone.  You will be presented with a second dial tone. The party who will be transferred will be placed on hold.  Dial the transfer target.  When the transfer target answers, you will be able to inform them that you intend to connect them with the party on hold.  At this point press the “flash” button or depress and release the switch hook on your phone.  This will connect the party to be transferred, the transfer target and yourself.  You can continue to talk together, as this is now a 3-way call, or you can hang up the phone and the other two parties will remain connected.
Blind transfers are also possible. Should have been mentioned here as well.

6) ERROR (Related to point 2 above)

Admin guide:
Using Speed Dial Number as Ad Hoc Gateway

If an external gateway does not require authentication, its access number can be stored in one of the 99 speed dial slots to allow ad hoc direct dialled gateway calls. To do this, the user dials the gateway’s speed dial, followed by a *, followed by the target number. That is <gateway-speeddial> * <target-number>. For example, the gateway access number pp(ob200333456) is stored at speed dial 8, and the user can dial 8*14085551234 to call 14085551234 using the given gateway.

Note: At the present time, only gateways that are accessed with an OBi number can be used this way.

Apparently this is incorrect as per post below. Using Speed Dial Number as Ad Hoc Gateway can also be made with Service Providers that do not need authentication by using above mentioned method.


Stewart also highlighted a feature that I didn't know existed to try in running a test.  He pointed to Release Notes for v1.2.1-2283 that say in effect you can setup a speedial with an outgoing provider that you don't necessarily have setup as a gateway.  In other words you can setup Speed Dial 9 as SP2(dial_number@callcentric.com;ui=1777xxxxxxx:yyyyyyyyyy) where dial_number is the pstn number you wish to dial, 1777xxxxxxx is your CallCentric account number, yyyyyyyyyy is your CallCentric account password.  I tried it and it works.
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