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Phone port and distinctive ring setup - OBI110

Started by b123guy, October 01, 2011, 08:18:39 PM

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Hi..  I just got my OBI 110 yesterday.. set it up in matter of minutes...  Love it!..  Here's my question.. have been searching in here for tidbits.. but haven't really seen anything that "Fits"...

Have google voice and landline setup to my obi... working fine...  However,, the phone line is also attached to my fax machine... I have distinctive ring setup on the landline..   Main number rings regular.. but fax is set to pickup on the second number...  Is there a way to setup the phone settings so the auto attendant doesn't pickup on the rings for the fax on the phone side? 


Are you saying the OBi's PHONE Port gets the call on your PSTN line's main number ring, but the OBi's Auto Attendant answers on your PSTN line's secondary number ring?  The OBi is not supposed to support distinctive ring detection on the LINE Port and can only route calls (PHONE Port vs Auto Attendant) based on CallerID.


not exactly....

Have two numbers on my landline.   1 that is used for calls, the distinctive ring for fax.  the obi attendant answers both of these.. I want to set it so it only picks up on the regular ring, not the second.

Maybe explaining better... my phone company calls this "teen service".. bell south did or used to call it "ringmaster"  having two or three numbers coming in on same line.. just ring differently...  First ring is main number.. second ring, second number, third ring, third number.


The OBi does not recognize distinctive rings.  Calls can be routed to either the PHONE Port or the Auto Attendant unconditionally or based on the incoming CallerID, but not on the ring pattern.


Is there any way to passthru the distinctive ring so we can at least hear it?

ATT provides me with a way to set up certain numbers as distinctive rings. Family, etc sound different than the average caller. It is a serious of quick rings, rather than the usual pattern. It allows me to know when someone "special" is calling.



OBi LINE port only has one set of parameters for ring detection, which potentially gives you a chance to detect regular ring, but not the distinctive one.

The regular US ring cadence is 2 seconds ON, 4 seconds OFF, so you can slightly change your ring detection configuration on LINE port to -

Physical Interface -> LINE port -> Ring Detection -> RingValidationTime:  1024 ms  (default 256 ms).

This change will work if the maximum ring burst length of your distinctive ring is less than 1 second. You might give it a try.


Quote from: mikel on October 12, 2011, 06:33:41 AM
Is there any way to passthru the distinctive ring so we can at least hear it?

As far as I know, you cannot pass through the distinctive ring, but you can configure how you want to ring the phone.

In the LINE port configuration page, you can find RingProfile and DefaultRing option. Once you change it, you will change the ring cadence for all the call coming through the LINE port.


Quote from: mikel on October 12, 2011, 06:33:41 AM
Is there any way to passthru the distinctive ring so we can at least hear it?


The OBi doesn't use the ring voltage from ATT to ring the OBi PHONE and therefore can't pass it through.  The OBi does support 10 different ring patterns and each trunk can be set to use a different one.  The default values are:

Voice Services -> SP1 Service -> X_DefaultRing : 1

Voice Services -> SP2 Service -> X_DefaultRing : 1

Voice Services -> OBiTALK Service -> DefaultRing : 2

Physical Interfaces -> LINE Port -> DefaultRing : 1

Simply select the desired ring pattern (1-10) for each trunk.

There is no need to alter RingProfile's as A and B are identical by default.