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Author Topic: obiline with phone activated PDU  (Read 2136 times)
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« on: December 03, 2020, 12:50:53 pm »

Wondering if anyone can comment on this use case for obiline.  Specifically, I need to be able to remote powercycle my router and internet gateway.  Thus I am looking at using a phone activated PDU that allows me to remote power cycle a set of plugs.

I would like to also use obihi for voip.  The questions I have are:
- If I use ObiLine with my POTS phone and there is an internet outage (ie the gateway is down but power up), will a POTS call ring through to the PDU switch attached to one of the obihi phone ports?
- can this phone line also be used to answer regular calls if I also use it with the PDU?
- if I use the obi with two phone ports - one going to the PDU and one to the regular phone, will I be able to direct which line/port rings when I make the call, even with the network down?
- can I configure the number of rings before the answering service picks up?

Thanks all for your time and thoughts.

- c

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