Obi 1062 / Google Voice / Conference Call

Started by vsc1062, June 16, 2021, 03:09:59 PM

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Using a Obi 1062 with Google voice I would like to bring a third party into an ongoing call. I believe that the correct process while in the call is to press the conference button, dial the third party and when the line connects press conference now.

What occurs is the third party is able to hear the first two parties, but we can't hear the person that was added. Notable is that before pressing conference now, I was able to talk to the person I'm attempting to add.

I'm guessing this feature is broken, but is the process discussed above correct to add a third party to a call?



I'm going to start a new thread, but the problem is that once coming off of hold or merging calls my phone shifts to HD voice where the Google Voice call was not HD. And with shifting to HD, I can't hear anyone else but they can hear me.

A simple test is call anything. Press hold, then resume. Once resumed you can't hear the other end.