restarting Obi110/Obi200 use after years out. Some questions about updating...

Started by JS123, November 22, 2021, 06:27:43 AM

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I know that the Obi110 no longer works with GV.  I plan to use it with Asterisk and other BYOD providers.
As I recall I updated it with 3rd party software that changed some certificates to use it a bit longer with GV.  It is listed in my Obitalk portal (as unconnected) and pretty sure I turned off autoprovisioning and did everything locally for setup.  Thinking I should load the latest firmware from Obi/Poly and don't really need or want to do anything beyond those capabilities.  How is the best to load the latest official firmware and reset clear out my old configurations?

On the Obi200.  I see there is an update from a few months ago.  I haven't done anything with this but mine is several years old.  Looks like I could just do the update via the Obitalk portal?

Going forward is using the obitalk portal recommended or local updates/setup?  I see some comments about concern for support in the future.


For the OBi110 I would do a reset to defaults, load the "2886" firmware and reset again.  Easy way to reset is to dial ***8 and follow the prompts.  Download the firmware from the thread on the forum and follow the instructions in the same topic to install it.  There are reports that OBi100/110 can no longer be added to a dashboard on the Obitalk portal so if yours was never there or was deliberately removed you don't have a decision to make.

IIRC the update from the portal only works within the first year from adding to your dashboard.  (Unless you pay the support fee.) In any case the same manual update method as above is straightforward.

Local or or portal configuration is up to you.  I have one OBi100 thousands of miles away so the remote configuration ability of the portal is extremely useful.  I have an OBi110 within arm's reach as I type this and I configure that locally to work with FreePBX. I have Obi200, 202 and 1032 which get connected up when doing tests and experiments. If GV is required then configure d via the portal but of late the portal is very slow compared to making changes locally.


I never paid any support fee and was able to update the Obi200 from the portal even though it shows out of warranty.

I have to locate the Obi110 and will update it later.  Thanks for the tips.


Found the Obi110.  It had already been updated to the latest so I am good to go there.

It shows connected to the ObiTalk portal and just had to set the web password to default admin in the portal to get things working.  Has a big note at the top that the device is not supported but it seems to work.  If not I can use the local web page.