Registration not required OBi 200 no longer working with google voice

Started by quoyle, June 12, 2021, 08:20:32 AM

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My obi 200 has worked fine for over a year. Then stopped. A message said it needed to be reconfigured. I have followed all the steps. I can make outgoing calls, but incoming calls do not work.
Only says "registration not required" for the google voice setting.
Here is a screenshot.
any help much appreciated.


i had this problem when trying to configure the obi200 for GV for the first time, when i tried today. i was repeatedly getting the message 'Registration not required' in the Status column under SP1.  Based on guidance from another post in a different forum, i tried adding GV under SP2 as well.  i got 'Registration not required' under SP2 as well.
Afterwards, i tried deleting the configuration in SP2, when Obitalk gave me the option of updating the firmware. When i clicked on Update, the firmware update process started and after the update was completed, i saw both SP1 and SP2 configuration status said 'Connected' and both incoming and outgoing calls to the phone connected to the Obi200 started working normally
In summary, try updating the firmware on your Obi200 device.


Yes, if you want GV to work your Obi2xx MUST have the 3-2-2-8680EX or later firmware.