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OBI202 can't access via local IP (LAN IP)

Started by erkme73, January 08, 2022, 05:51:24 PM

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For the last few weeks (months?) I've regularly had the "there is no service provider" error with outbound calls, and no ringing with inbound.   A simple power cycle of the box would resolve that every time for X days/weeks.   And that is still the case today

However, before doing the power cycle, I was being lazy and figured I'd do reboot from the GUI of the box directly.  However, when I enter the IP address, I get an instant return of, "The requested URL was not found!".   That is the IP of the box.  I've confirmed it via the obitalk expert configuration, and my router's device list.   Ping also returns 100% <1ms responses.

I power cycled the OBi202 thinking whatever gunked up the calling ability, maybe hosed the the webserver interface.  No dice.

What's weird is that right now I can make and receive calls perfectly - I just can't get to the local interface.

Is this a known issue?  Are these devices being gimped deliberately?