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Google Workspace/Google Voice Help

Started by mlnancejr, January 26, 2022, 10:02:41 AM

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Hello everyone,
     I haven't set up Poly phones before and use to install and configure Cisco phones at my old job. Everything I read said that this should be easy but I am struggling. We setup Google Voice in Workspace here and have it al licensed. I have the phones setup, provisioned inside Poly Lens but when I "provision" the phone in Google Voice, it never shows it as online and it isn't reachable. We are currently waiting for our numbers to port over but I even tried to set up with a GVoice number and they still show offline. Not sure what I am missing. The network here isn't robust, no blocking going on of any kind. Its more of a "consumer" network than a business network. Please help. I have attached some screen shots of the phone showing online in Poly Lens and reachable that way but not in Google.


I apologize, should of added the phone models as well. They are Polycom OBi VVX 150,350, and 450s.