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Author Topic: crossed line when receiving call  (Read 166 times)
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« on: February 21, 2020, 02:09:27 pm »

i just set up my obi200 for the first time through google voice. i had my mom (who was in the same room) call my google voice number from her cell phone. I let the phone ring a few times then i picked up the phone. To my surprise, when i answered her call, instead of hearing her, i heard the middle of someone else's conversation. I then tried calling it through my cell phone, it worked fine. Had my brother call it through his cell phone, again, it worked I could hear his voice. I also called a couple friends and told them to call me back and that worked fine too. I even had my mom call my google voice number when she was at the store, and it worked fine. The only time the line seemed to cross was when my mom(who uses assurance wireless)called from her cell phone to my google voice number when she was in the same room as the obi. Its very strange and if anyone has any idea of what would be causing it, please let me know, thanks.
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