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Author Topic: New-bee has question about magic-jack and Fax machine.  (Read 414 times)
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« on: March 22, 2019, 05:19:15 pm »

Hi All!! I am a Old guy in life, but 'new-bee' here on OBitalk! Anyway, i currently have my landline/regular phone service through magic-jack, but I also have a google voice number. I would like to know if it is possible to get the OBi202 device and have my magic-jack number on one line/port, and use the google voice line for our fax machine on the other line/port?

My wife and I are living on a very limited income and have been working to cut expenses. That is why we dropped Spectrum and took our landline to magic-jack. I have seen some posts on the internet about using the OBi202 for fax machines, using a google voice number. Well we already have a google voice number, unless you have to have a special GV number to use when sending faxes.

We have to get a ride to go down to the local office supply store to use their fax.  Aside from the pain of having to get a ride, we can't afford the cost to pay their fax price!  So, first of all, we are wondering if it is possible to use the OBi202 with our current GV number, and use it as a fax number.  Secondly, is it possible to somehow get our magic-jack number to ring through the OBi202?

Now, I am not super computer savvy but I can have my son come over and help. My son said he would get us the OBi202 if there is a way to get this all hooked up. Thanks in advance to all who offer help and advice!
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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 11:58:36 am »

I haven't used a FAX for years, so I can't say how it works with GV. When I was using a FAX with GV it worked 100% of the time, but GV has made major changes to their service since then. Maybe someone else can chime in. In addition, you need a quality internet connection for FAX to work and I'm not just referring to your internet speed. There are tests available on internet that will measure the quality of your connection, but basically you need to try sending a FAX and see if it works.

Whenever I need to send a document, I send it via email attachment. Do you already have a FAX and does it have a Scan feature? Just scan the document(s) into a computer then attach them to an email. No new equipment needed and no cost to send the document.

If you still want to use GV, you can't do what you want with an OBi202.

A phone is connected to a FXS port. Telephone service is connected to a FXO port.


The OBi202 has 2 FXS ports, so you can connect 2 phones to it. You can't connect a phone service (MagicJack) to an OBi202. The OBi212 has 1 FXS port and 1 FXO port, so you can connect 1 phone and 1 phone service. You can share a phone and a FAX on a single FXS port, but when you're on an active call you won't be able to use the FAX. If you are only sending FAXes and not receiving, then there is no problem with sharing the FSX port.

You can just keep your phone attached to the MagicJack and use the OBi202 for GV. If you want to save a few dollars, you can use an OBi200 for GV/FAX.


You can get a 2nd GV number for your phone service and connect the phone and a FAX to an OBi202.
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