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Author Topic: Obi110 setup for 3CX and Google Voice  (Read 8871 times)
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« on: July 14, 2012, 05:18:00 pm »

I just got this setup over the past few days, tested it, but haven't used it very much.

Perhaps this will help others trying to do the same thing:

The following is how I integrated 3CX and the OBi110 ATA box.
The goals are:
1. Make phone calls via 3CX phone app --> 3CX on my home computer
   (phone number starts with "9") -> OBi110 -> PSTN
   (phone number starts with "8") -> OBi110 -> Google Voice
2. Answer PSTN calls to home and Google Voice calls on my 3CX phone app.  All 3CX phone extensions
   should ring, and also the telephone wired into the Obi110 should ring.
3. Home Phone connected to Obi110 appears to work like a
   regular phone plugged into the wall to home telephone users.
   (Note: Obi110 has my cordless phone system wired to it.
    During a power outage the Obi110 and also cordless phones will not work.
    Also have a plain telephone plugged into another telephone wall outlet
    for use during a power outage to be able to call 911)
4. Accomplish this while only depending on Verizon Wireless, Comcast Cable, and
Verizon telephone services to be operational.  Not dependent on any paid VOIP
service.  Not dependent on a server somewhere in the cloud which may stop working.
Only dependent on 3CX running on my home laptop computer and my home network.


The Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) has always worked during every electric
power outage.  I feel this is important.  So, while I am paying every month for an
old fashioned telephone, why not make use of it over the internet.
Why pay Skype $60 per year for a telephone number plus an additional $3 per month
for phone calls?  I am already paying for a telephone number and free local service
at my house.  It is true that Google Voice is free through 2012, but what will
Google charge in 2013?  Google is rich, but can it afford to give everyone in
the USA a free phone number and unlimited calling for free?
Will it always be free?  I think not.

Why does anyone need Vonage, Skype, or Google Voice?  Everyone has a cell
phone and the new Verizon family plans are all unlimited minutes and texting.
I think the answer is people only need their smart cell phone, as it provides
go anywhere unlimited calling, texting, and limited internet data use.

The home phone is for super reliable, power outage resilient, dependable phone.
I don't want to some day be having a heart attack during a power outage and
have no way to call for help.

Do I need the above 4 functionality items?  Do I need full access of my
home telephone from my smart cell phone?  No.

I have a smart cell phone for  use with family and close friends, and a
home phone for other people to use.  Those other people can't interrupt
me whenever they want to, and they don't use any of my cell-minutes.

So, I do not need to integrate my smart cell phone with my home phone.  
I just want to do it - I want to play with it.
I think it will be cool to be able to answer my home phone while out of the house.
Why would I want to use my cell phone to make a phone call from my home phone?
I think the only difference would be the caller id - the person on the
other end of the phone line will not know my cell phone number.

If one wants Google Voice on the smart phone, one simply needs to use
the free Talkatone app or the Groove IP app.  If one does not have a
regular home telephone system, then I can see people wanting their home
phones hooked up to Google Voice via the OBi110 and obitalk website.
I do not plan on using Obitalk Service.


First of all, it seems the obitalk website will undo changes that one makes
to the OBi110.  So, either do all your changes via the obitalk website using
the expert interface, or don't register the obi110 device with the obitalk
website (or unregister it if you already have it registered).  Personally
I got comfortable using the obitalk website for making changes.  I first
made SP1 "Generic Service Provider" and Sp2 Google Voice using the simple
method.  Then I used the Obi Expert Configuration editor to make additional

Have your router's DHCP server provide a fixed IP address for the OBI110
In my case the OBi110 will always have IP address
and the laptop computer with 3CX running is

Open internet explorer to the Obi110's IP address:
In my case
Default username is admin and password is admin.

SYSTEM MANAGEMENT - Device Update - Backup Configuration:
check all three boxes, and click "Backup"
to save configuration before making changes.

ITSP Settings:
ITSP SIPProxyServer: (home computer with 3cx running)
ITSP SIPProxyServerPort: 5060 (default)
ITSP AuthUserName: 10001
ITSP AuthPassword: xxx (or whatever password you want - must also be in 3cx)
Outbound Settings:
Phone Primary Line:
  PSTN (if you want physical telephone handset to always dial to phone line),or
Inbound Settings:
ITSP InboundCallRoute: LI1 (Lima India One) in capital letters.
  This means all incoming calls from 3cx/sip will go to Line1 (LI1) which is PSTN
ObiTalkInboundCallRoute: ph
POTS-line InboundCallRoute: SP1,ph
Submit and reboot

ITSP Profile A: SIP:
ProxyServer: (home computer with 3cx running)
ProxyServer Port: 5060 (default)
X_SpoofCallerID: check to enable spoofing (not actually using this yet)

ITSP Profile B: General
Name: Google Voice
SignalingProtocol: Google Voice
DTMF Method: Auto
X_UseFixedDurationRFC2833DTMF: checked
ITSP Profile B: RTP
LocalPortMin: 16800
LocalPortMax: 16998

SP1 Service - SIP Credentials:
X_InboundCallRoute: {>(<8:>xx.):SP2}, {>(<9:>xx.):LI1}
  Number starts with 8: dial with Google Voice,
  Number starts with 9: dial with PSTN line.
(if 3cx makes outgoing phone call via 10001,
 which are inbound call for OBI110,  route call to LINE1 = LI1 = PSTN)
AuthUserName: 10001
AuthPassword: xxx (or whatever password you want)
This means that outgoing phone calls coming from 3cx port 10001 go to the PSTN.

SP2 Service - SIP Credentials for Google Voice:
X_InboundCallRoute: SP1,ph
People who call my google phone number will simultaneously both ring
to the 3CX PBX system, and also the telephone handset.
AuthUserName: YourGmailAddress@gmail.com
AuthPassword: YourGmailPassword
X_KeepAliveServerPort: 5060
X_UserAgentPort: 5061

OBiTALK Service
(OBiTALK uses port 10000, so that's why you setup 10001 for 3cx)
 I don't use Obitalk at this time.  I might disable it.

I don't plan on using AUTO ATTENDANT either.  I might disable it.

Physical Interfaces:
Primary Line: PSTN for handset to always dial PSTN.
DigitMap: ([2-9]11|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx) to elminate 10 second delay.
RingDelay: 4000 (default)
InboundCallRoute: SP1,ph (this will make Obi110 answer the PSTN phone
  and route the call to SP1/3cx via port 10001).
  ph will make the telephone ring too.
DialDelay: 1000 (default is 500, I needed to change this, you might not)
DialDigitOnTime: 200 (default)
DialDigitOffTime: 200 (default)

********************* ON 3CX ***********
Extension 100 - Howard (on cell phone using 3cx app)
Extension 101 - HowardTesting (on home computer using 3cx-Phone s/w)
Extension Group Management - 100 and 101
PSTN devices: Obihai OBi110:
  Gateway Hostname or IP:
  Gateway Port: 5060
  Port ID: 10001
  Authentication ID: 10001
  Authentication Password: xxx
  Maximum Simultaneous Calls: 1
    Edit Port:10001 Office Hours, Configure where calls should be routed:
      Connect to Queue/Ring Group "800 HomeRingGroup"
      Check apply the same routing logical outside of office hours
  Ring Groups: HomeRingGroup:
    Virtual Machine Number 800
    Name: HomeRingGroup
    Ring Strategy: RingAll
    Ring Time (seconds): 20
    Ring Group Members: 100, 101 (all extensions)
    If no answer: end call
  Rule 9 numbers to ATA - Calls to numbers starting with prefix 9
    route 1: Obihai Obi110, strip 0 digit (do not strip off the 9)
  Rule 8 numbers to ATA - Calls to numbers starting with prefix 8
    route 1: Obihai Obi110, strip 0 digit (do not strip off the Cool

Home Router Port forwarding:
The following ports are sent to where 3CX is running
5090      3CX Tunnel
3478      SIPSTUN
9000-9049 VOIP
5060-5063 VOIP-SIP
7000-7499 VOIP

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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 12:02:47 pm »

I am having issues with answering inbound calls from the handset and from the SIP phones attached to 3cx.

The phone plugged in the Obi110 will ring and the IP extension will also ring and show the caller ID info but when I pick up there is nothing on the line.

The outbound calling works on both the IP phone and the handset.

any ideas ?

thanks in advance.
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