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Author Topic: Introducing OBiPLUS  (Read 57574 times)
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« on: September 06, 2012, 06:22:29 pm »

What is OBiPLUS?
OBiPLUS is a full-featured business collaboration solution for 1 to 12 users. IP phones and analog phones (connected to an OBi device) may be used as extensions. The OBiPLUS Small Business Solution is available in two annual subscription formats. The OBiPLUS 'Lite' Basic subscription is free and supports up to 4 users with support via the OBiTALK web forum. The OBiPLUS Premium subscription cost is $300 per year. A special introductory price is available now for only $120 per year. This OBiPLUS Premium subscription includes user capacity for up to 12 extensions, installation consultation and on-going support from Obihai via telephone, email and web forum.

Each OBiPLUS installation is comprised of a Master OBi and one or more Client OBi devices or IP phones. The Master OBi device is an OBi202 running OBiPLUS software. A Client OBi can be any OBi202, OBi100 or OBi110 device running generic software. A client may also be an IP phone that registers with the OBi202.  Although almost any SIP-based IP phone could be used with OBiPLUS, by way of a web-based configuration wizard, the OBiPLUS solution leverages Cisco's SPA50xG and SPA303 small business phones and SPA500S sidecar.

A Master OBi device can serve up to 12 Client OBi devices or 10 IP phones. The OBiPLUS system can be easily managed and supported via the OBiPLUS Configuration Wizard.  Normally, the Master OBi and Client OBi devices and IP phones are located in the same network (or subnet).  

OBiPLUS Feature Highlights:

-  A Total of 12 Client Extensions May be Configured for Use with OBiPLUS
-  Up to 10 Client OBi Devices
-  Up to 10 Client IP Phones
    Note:  With OBiPLUS Premium subscription support, only Cisco SPA50xG and SPA303 IP phones are supported.
-  Up to 2 Telephones and/or Fax Machines Attached to the OBi202 Phone Ports
   All Client OBi devices and IP phones can make and receive calls using the voice services configured on the Master OBi.
-  Automated Attendant
-  Day and Night Mode Call Routing
-  Extension Dialing
-  Ring Groups
-  Multiple Line Appearances (Advanced Configuration Not supported by OBiPLUS Configuration Wizard)
-  Personal Voice Mail
-  Caller ID
-  Voice Message Waiting Notification
-  3-Way Conference Calling
-  Call Forwarding
-  Call Hold & Transfer
-  Call Park & Pick-Up
-  Busy Lamp Field (BLF) - Including Directed Call Pick-Up **
-  Message and Music on Hold (or When Parked)
-  IP Phone Extensions - 10 with Premium, 2 with Basic Subscription
-  Analog Phone Extensions - 12 with Premium, 4 with Basic Subscription
-  Intercom Support on IP Phones
-  Do Not Disturb
-  Send Call to Voicemail (or Ignore)
-  Call Barge-In via OBi Phones
-  Paging
-  Branch Office / Remote Site **
-  Telecommuter Support **
-  Fax Machine Support

** OBiPLUS Premium Subscription Feature

Helpful Links:
OBiPLUS Feature Listing
Subscription Comparison
OBiPLUS vs. Alternatives
OBiPLUS Configuration Wizard Tutorial (Document)
OBiPLUS Administrative Guide (Document)

OBiPLUS leverages a customer's investment in OBi device hardware and IP phones and tight integration with the cloud-based OBiTALK web portal.  The OBiPLUS solution provides a flexible, programmable, feature-rich telephone system for small business.  The OBiPLUS solution's value to a small business is unmatched by today’s standards in the CO-served, premise-based-system and 100% cloud-hosted business telecommunications marketplace.

How Do You Get OBiPLUS?
Follow these steps to get OBiPLUS:
1. Log-on to
2. On the left-side navigation menu, you will see a "Solutions" link.
3. Click on this and choose a subscription plan - Premium ($120/year) or Basic (Free)

If you go with the Premium subscription plan, you have 30-days to cancel and receive a full refund.  After 30-days, refunds are available on a pro-rated monthly basis.

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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2012, 08:28:50 pm »

Analog Phone Extensions - 12 with Premium, 4 with Basic Subscription

So basically that would either be, two Obi202s, or one Obi202 and two Obi100/110?

Edit: The online wizard needs some work. It's too jargon heavy. Also try working backwards from phones , grouping, services (fax, voice mail), to ToD (Time of day), trunks, etc.
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« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2012, 09:43:43 am »

The OBiPLUS Configuration Wizard Tutorial outlines the steps to plan, set-up/build and configure the OBiPLUS solution - OBi Master, OBi phone adapter extensions, Cisco SPA50xG / SPA303 + SPA500S sidecars.

OBiPLUS Configuration Wizard Tutorial (Document)

The OBiPLUS Admin Guide describes the parameter configurations of the various components in the OBiPLUS solution should advanced administrators need to modify settings to achieve specific behaviors not exposed in the OBiPLUS configuration wizard.

OBiPLUS Administrative Guide (Document)

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« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2014, 09:02:05 am »

I have the basic and now, it is set to expire how to i renew the basic membership. I only have one ip phone???
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