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Started by dvijen, March 26, 2011, 12:24:12 PM

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RonR, since you are so helpful and know Obi, can you comment on the following?

On my second obi (no google voice in setup), I have PSTN as default on my phone port.  Worked great until 1892.  With this new update, after dialing the number, I get 2 second pause and then dialtone back.  The only way to use pstn is by using # followed by the number.

Is this a bug?


Watch your OBi when this happens.  I suspect the red led on the left is coming on (along with a 'click' sound from inside the OBi), indicating that the OBi is rebooting.  If that's what's happening, it should NOT be.

When you dial a leading '#', you're instructing the OBi to bridge the PHONE and LINE Ports and get out of the way.  Your phone is directly connected to the LINE Port at that point and the OBi is effectively out of the picture.  The OBi is not processing the number you're dialing as it would be if you were not first dialing a '#'.


I did look up, and it is not rebooting.  It is just dropping the call and give me dial tone back.  I have reverted back to 1892.  Looks like problem at my end though, since no one else has complained so far.