Echo Test OBi No. 222-222-222

Started by yhfung, March 31, 2011, 09:51:35 AM

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Echo Test OBi No. 222-222-222

What is echo test?

Each OBi device has a unique number called OBi number, which is printed on the buttom of the OBi110. The number 222-222-222 is the echo test OBi Number, which is often called by newly installed OBi devices such as OBi110 and OBiON/OBiAPP to confirm OBi devices are correctly installed and ready to make or receive OBi calls.

What do you do during the echo test?

Please take a look at the figure shown below. On the top is the OBiNET Server, which provides the OBiTalk services to all OBi devices. It includes a very simple OBi echo test number.

For the OBi110 device installed in China, the first call that you have to make is the echo test. You just pick the handset, key in the following sequence to make an outbound calls to 222-222-222:


where **9 is the prefix for making any OBiTalk calls from the PHONE port.

If you can hear the voice that you say clearly, then your OBi device connecting to the OBiTalk network is all right. You are ready to make outbound or inbound calls to/from OBiTalk network (OBiNET).

If you are in the USA with an OBi110 device and you want to make a call to your relative in China, then use the following key sequence to make an outbound call:


The telephone connected to the OBi No. 200 500 111 will ring. In most cases, you are able to talk with each other provided that both OBi devices pass the OBiTalk echo test.

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when i try 222-222-222 as well as **9-222-222-222, i get an automated message stating that "there is no service available to complete your call."

i am in china, and i tested the device successfully in america before bringing it here. the network i have the device connected to requires a intranet proxy specified in internet connection settings in order for an outside connection. i think this might be the reason "there is no service available." could someone assist me please?  ???