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Author Topic: OneSuite Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!!  (Read 1958 times)
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« on: December 10, 2017, 07:55:52 pm »

I don't normally post bad reviews (live and let live), but I've had the worst time with OneSuite, so I wanted to put up a quick post for any "newbies" out there, trying to decide who to use if you don't want to deal with the hassles of porting a home number over to GoogleVoice. 

In an effort to save money, I signed up for OneSuite Advantage and ported my home number over.  Prior to porting, the number they gave me worked great.  Incoming calls worked great -- outbound calls did great too!!
Porting was relatively quick.  However, once the porting was complete, I could not receive incoming phone calls.  Outbound worked great and each call registered to my OneSuite account, but any time an incoming call was attempted, the caller was routed to my old Cox Communcations provider where it would either give a busy signal or say "Number has been disconnecte".  Despite several calls and e-mails to OneSuite, they would never "admit" it was something on their end.  They just kept saying "Call Obihai" or "we fixed's working now" (which it wasn't)...we'll re-send to Technical Support - please allow 7 days for a reply".  Of course, this went on throughout the Thanksgiving holiday week.  Relatives would call the house and be greeted with "This number has been disconnected" from my old service provider, which really went over well with the wife.
I used to ask OneSuite "just please call the number, if I answer, then it's fixed -- if it doesn't ring or go to OneSuite voicemail, it's still broken!!  Stop sending me emails that everything works fine now and call me back!"

Finally, it magically rang about 10 days later.  Yay!

Except now, I don't have any Name CID.  I get number CID just fine, but their advertisement says CID with Name.  So, I'm back in the OneSuite Customer Service "merry-go-round":  "it's been fixed"; "we've turned it over to Technical Support, please wait 7 days"; "the calls you're getting must ALL be blocking their CID, try it from a number that's not blocking their CID and it should work fine" (it didn't); etc. 

Tonight's reply - "call Obihai, they're the ones who said you could get CID Name" (I had cut and pasted the OneSuite advertisement off of the ObTalk "recommended provider" page where it advertises CID with now it's my Obi's fault). wife is still really impressed with my decision to switch to VOIP service.  I'll be switching my home service to someone else. 
(At my office, we use a bunch of Anveo lines, but I though that was a bit of "overkill" considering all of the options they give -- OneSuite looked perfect for my needs).

I wanted to make a quick post for anyone considering using OneSuite in the "New to using OBi" forum.  Especially for anyone not familiar with setting up VOIP service.  When you do call OneSuite Customer Support, you get a foreign person reading off of a list of standard replies.

Just my $0.02.  That's what I get for being cheap and not paying for something better.  Hopefully, someone else will not make my same mistake.

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