Porting out of GV, setting up Callcentric, how to do it right

Started by artm, November 30, 2013, 03:53:18 PM

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Hello, in anticipation of the need to abandon GV, I need some clarification on making the process painless.

Current setup:
OBiTalk Provisioning disabled
SP2-CC-incoming, E911

CC DID number is forwarded to by my GV already ported landline.

New setup:
SP!-CC-outgoing, pay per call
SP2-CC-incoming, pay per call

So, to make this work:

1. I unlocked my GV ported number and it's ready to be ported to CC.

2. I need to buy the new CC plan, pay the port fee and initiate the port with CC.

3. I shouldn't need to change SP2 settings since these already work with CC.

4. Once SP2 is working for incoming calls to my original landline number, I will then buy the CC plan for SP1, outgoing.

5. Can I keep the same digimap now for SP1 with GV:
or do I need to change it for CC?

6. I need to change to CC settings in: Voice services > SP1 service > SIP credentials

7. Under Physical Interfaces > phone port >phone port I see these settings. Any changes required here?

DigiMap (default)

Outbound CallRoute

CallReturnDigiMaps (default)

SP1 Service

Is all this right?

Once GV number is ported out then I will have no GV number, so do I lose the account? Should I add another GV number just to have access to the account?

Finally, should I enable OBITalk provisioning and let the settings all be populated quicly and then disable the provisioning again?

Any help is much appreciated.

Boston, MA


I won't get into the rest of your proposed setup, but if you have CC for both incoming and outgoing calls you can do that with just one SP.
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The reason I have behind using two SP's is that if I want to change the outgoing provider I can do so without touching the incoming SP, which holds my ported landline. I can't afford to interrupt incoming service so the less I tinker with that the better.


If you want to change the outgoing provider you can put it on the second SP at that time.
Help me OBiHai PhoneOBi. You're my only hope.


I thought that GV would still forward to one or more DIDs of our choice, even after they stop doing XMPP?

Are you porting your phone number so you can abandon GV completely as a preference? Or maybe you expect porting the DID to CC or some other sip/voip provider is going to be more reliable than having GV forward to the CC DID?

I'm just wondering, not being critical or anything. Thanks.


GV has always been a pain with forwarding to another number, be it Callcentric, Anveo or my cell number. I would always have a call ring several times on the caller's end before I heard one ring on my end. Then GV voicemail would kick which I NEVER WANTED. Result was either a missed call or a call to GV voicemail.

Despite adjusting settings to have my answering machine do voicemail, GV would always mess things up. There is still no way to disable GV voicemail!

So, I'm porting over to Callcentric. It has been just fine on another line, they have great incoming fax capability and international calls are only 2 cents per minute to my country. Plus, the port is free for a limited time.