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Automatic Calling from SP1 to SP3

Started by rajp, February 25, 2014, 06:16:34 PM

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I want to call my OBI 202 (Primary Line) using my cell no using US Phone no. (E.g. 610xxxxxxx) to my home no. (484xxxxxxx), after that I want to initiate call from my cell phone to call India using (**39198xxxxxxxxxx) on SP3. How can I do that? Is there any functionality like that? Please let me know.



are you asking how to do that as a single-stage calling?

or you are ok to dial into your home obi, and then dial out again through the auto attendant?


Raj – this looks like a normal Auto Attendant Callback situation. If sp1 is your Primary Line, then set this at the beginning of your InboundCallRoute:

Voice Services > SP1 Service > X_InboundCallRoute:
{610xxxxxxx:aa($1)}, ...other rules here ...

Where 610xxxxxxx is your cell phone number. The number must be as it appears in your Call History. If it shows as 1610xxxxxxx, then use that. Or you could use x.610xxxxxxx, which covers all possibilities.

Now when you call your home number on sp1, hang up before aa answers (you have 10 seconds). Wait and the aa will call your cell phone back using its Primary Line (this can be changed) and offer you the usual three options. Choose Option 2 "make a new call". Now you can dial any number using any service on your OBi. If you do not use any ** codes, then the OBi will use its Primary Line. To dial using sp3 simply dial **39198xxxxxxxxxx from your cell phone followed by #.


Raj;  I have success with settings below.  Some of the examples based on caller ID and number dialed, will re-dial out a given SPx and dial other numbers.  I have a couple UK DID's and USA DID's to mess with.  As you can see from my example; a family member in UK calls a DID there, that redials a local cell number here is USA.  Of course the DID is free - so it's a way for UK family to call my daughters cell here in USA.

I'm using many combinations, some require the DID number dialed and caller ID combination.

Remove any of the hi-lighted text as these were just for comments:

{(16046985518):aa}, -- any call from 16046985518 should get AA
{(13604703652)>(19142961123):sp2(011441903208888)}, -- if 19142961123 was called from 13604703652, then dial out SP2: 011441903208888 - using my international plan
{(13604708123)>(19142961111):sp1(13604703562)}, -- if 19142961111 was called from 13604708123, then dial out SP1: 13604703562
{>44113604708123:sp1(13605158499)}, -- if any number calls this UK DID, then dial local cell number: 13605158499 from SP1
{(x|xx|xxx|xxxx|xxxx|xxxxxx|un@@.):}, -- a great SIP scanner avoidance string