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Allow SIP "Voice Gateways" with GV accounts configured on both SP1 & SP2

Started by GizmoChicken, April 25, 2011, 04:07:12 AM

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Quote from: RonR on April 16, 2011, 07:52:44 PM
With Google Voice configured on both SP1 and SP2, you cannot use Voice Gateways with SIP.  To use Voice Gateways with SIP, you must have at least one SIP provider configured on SP1/SP2.

This is a terrible shame!   :'(

REQUEST: Please allow me to set up outgoing SIP "Voice Gateways" while Google Voice accounts are configured on both SP1 and SP2.  That is, please don't force me to have at least one SIP provider configured on SP1/SP2 in order to use the "Voice Gateways" feature.


I likewise agree.  In particular, a user who needs two GV accounts is presently denied access to 911.

A workaround for some situations:  Configure 1st GV account on SP1.  Configure SP2 for Callcentric and get 911 from them.  Get a free IPKall DID and point it to your Callcentric account.  Point 2nd GV account to the IPKall number.  You can now add other providers or SIP URIs as gateways.

The principal shortcoming is that all outbound free calls must be sent via SP1, so those pertaining to the activity on the 2nd GV account will have the wrong outbound caller ID.


I agree with this.. More than 2 SP/Service Trunks/Voice Gateways are needed. Or at least have GV established as a separate one like the Obihai Service is.